Here you can find our story through photos. Be sure to follow us on our Facebook page and Instagram for much more. Hope you enjoy!

Here are pics of us setting up our lab. A 12′ x 12′ building set in the redwoods. This is a temporary setup until our main building is completed. We will then turn this area into a grow room or incubation room.

IMG_2628 IMG_2627 Here we are painting the room.

IMG_2756 IMG_3041 Next we set up are 4′ Laminar Flow Hood with a bran new filter.

IMG_3053IMG_2742Here is our cleaning and cooking station with plumbing going to our grey water system outside.

IMG_3628 IMG_3584

Here is our work station and bottling area. We also have our dehydrator set up on the left.




Below are some of the different pieces of equipment we use in the lab and on the farm.

IMG_3585Here is one of our prized piece of equipment. This is our Yamato SE510 Autoclave. With this baby we can sterilize close to 50 pounds of grains in one run.

IMG_3269 Here is another prized prices of equipment. This is an All Power Labs GEK wood gasifier. This baby creates Syngas from wood chips which can power a 10Kw generator for electricity. We will be burning the gas to heat our boiler for our low pressure sterilizer. We will never need to buy propane or gas and is much more efficient than burning wood. Check out our Youtube channel to see videos on its parts and operation.

IMG_2659 Here is our 4′ bench top Envirco Laminar Flow Hood. We use this to do all of our clean work. This is one of the most important items in the lab.

IMG_3983 This is a shaker table used in making liquid cultures.

IMG_2655Here is our dehydrator used to dry our foraged mushrooms and other products.

IMG_2773 Here are three stainless steel wine barrels we will be using to make our low pressure sterilizer.

IMG_2663 Here is our steam generator we use for various sterilizing purposes.

IMG_2742 Here is our Cleveland 12 gallon steam jacketed kettle for cooking grain spawn and boiling liquid cultures.

IMG_2685 Here is our thresher. It is used to chop up straw and other substrate mediums.

IMG_3868 Here is our Bear Cat wood chipper for making our substrates.



Stay tuned fore more to come!