Scientific Papers

Integrated organic farming systems for hill horticulture crops

Effect of mushroom extract and watering regimes on carpogenesis of pleurotus-tuberregium

The efficacy of coconut as a substrate material for growing oyster mushrooms


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Detoxification of textile dyes enzymes from spent mushroom substrate of pleurotus sajor-caju

Effects of biochar from spent mushroom substrate on physic chemical properties during-pig manure composting


Micoremediere titei

A case for mycological focus in bioremediation

Edible ectomycorrhizal mushrooms challenges and achievements

Inclusive growth through organic farming

Handling and using spent mushroom substrate around the world 

Integrated farming system a holistic approach

Application of organic nitrogen supplementations increases the yield of oyster mushroom pleurotus florida

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Unruly edges mushrooms as companion species

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Uses of enzymes in daily life and industry

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Bioremediation capabilities of white rot fungi

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