We are proud to announce that we are working with the Santa Rosa Recreation & Parks program, for our Introduction to Growing Mushrooms class. The class will be held at the Santa Rosa Finley Center at 2060 W Collage Ave, Saturday October 15th & January 28th from 1000 – 1200.

Participants can register Here!

Dates: October 15th & January 28th

Time: 1000 am to 1200 pm

Ages: 18 Yrs. and over

– Resident $38.00
– NR $48.00

Register for class: Here!

Course description:


Learn the practices of growing delicious and beneficial mushrooms at home, and explore the amazing role of fungi in nature and our lives.  This unique 2 hour beginner course is an excellent introduction to the lifecycle of fungi and how to cultivate them right in your own home or garden. Through a ‘Mushrooms 101’ style power point presentation, participants will walk away with an understanding of mushroom biology, classification, growth-cycle and basic cultivation equipment. Class includes 2 mushroom growing kits ($30 value) of Oyster Mushrooms, and each kit can grow up to 2 pounds of fresh mushrooms!


If we receive a good response from the community we will be offering an advanced class where we will cover some of the below subjects.

  • Building a mushroom garden
  • Working in a mushroom lab
  • Making mushroom spawn
  • Making mushroom growing equipment
  • Using mushrooms as natural dyes
  • Using fungi to improve the health of your land
  • Making mushroom tinctures
  • Bunker spawn production for mycoremediation projects
  • Bulk spawn production for landscape design projects
  • Water mycofiltration design on farms and dairies
  • Mycorrhizae production for farms and gardens

Register for class Here!

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