Here in our links page you will find many resources and cool sites.


Sonoma County Resources

SOMA (Sonoma County Mycology Association)

OAEC (Occidental Arts & Ecology Center)

Permaculture Skills Center

Daily Acts

BayArea Resources

Bay Area Mycology Association

BAAM (Bay Area Applied Mycology)

California Truffle Orchards

Mycological Society of San Francisco:  Leading forays and hosting the annual Fungus Fair, the MSSF has been teaching about mushrooms for decades and brings lots of events and lectures on fungi to the bay area.

Counter Culture Labs: A Bio-Hacking and Citizen Science Lab group. We have partnered with CCL to create the BAAM Mushroom Lab

Omni Commons: The amazing community space in North Oakland which houses the BAAM Mushroom Lab through Counter Culture Labs. Home to a myriad of groups doing cool things.

Asheville Mushroom Club – We are a diverse group of people whose common interest is to learn about and collect all kinds of fungi and to enjoy eating edible mushrooms we gather in the forest. Others cultivate fungi in their gardens. At our meetings, we hear from experts – many of them club members – about different aspects of fungi identification, folklore, cultivation and culinary preparation.

Cumberland Mycological Society – The Purpose of Our Organization: To promote the enjoyment, study and exchange of information about wild mushrooms in East and Middle Tennessee.

Puget Sound Mycological Society – PSMS, an organization of people interested in mushrooms and mushrooming, which provides support and encouragement for research, education, cultivation, hunting, identifying, and cooking mushrooms.

Mycology Resources

Radical Mycology, our inspiration for founding BAAM, a decentralized organization promoting accessible mushroom cultivation techniques and mycelial metaphors.

Mushroom Observer: A collaborative database of mushroom taxonomy and observation. If you need help with identification, this community can help you.

Amazon MycroRenewal Project, Cleaning up oil spills in Equador using mushrooms, distributing information across the network to where its needed.


Fungi Perfecti

Aloha Medicals


Phoenix Equipment Group

Mushroom Mountain 

Amateur Mycology

Applied Mycology

Cornell Mushroom Blog

Cyberliber: An Electronic Library for Mycology

Easiest Methods for Cultivation

Edible Mushrooms

Erowid’s Vault – Mushrooms

Ethnomycology Of The World

Fungal Cell

Fungi & Fiber Symposium 2012

Fungi Fotos

Fungi In Firemaking

Fungi Magazine

Fungi Phots

Jordan’s Mushrooms

Lonely Spore

Mushroom Appreciation

Mushroom Joe

Mushroom Observer



Mycoremediation Blog



NAMAs Mushroom Art Database

NW Mushroom Clubs

Oregon Mushroom Stories

Perma Dub Dream

Phone books for food and art

Shroom Liberation Front

Shroomworks Dyes

Solution To The Pollution

The Healthy Mushroom

The Pharmacratic Inquisition

Tom Volk’s Fungus Of The Month


Fungi Forum


Permie’s Fungi Forum


Edible Mushrooms

 The Mushroom Farm

Remediation Resources

Clean Up Oil

CoRenewal Project

Earth Repair


Mushroom Farm Equipment 

Mushroom Farm Sales  Sale of used mushroom farm equipment.

Terra Ukraine  Environmental control units.

DIY Mushroom Controller Make your own environmental control unit.

DIY Mushroom Controller By Kyle Gabriel Awesome Build.


Permaculture Resources

A Guide to Composting in Your Apartment

Apartment Gardening Tips for Small Spaces

Composting in a small space

Bill Mollison Permaculture Lecture Series On-Line

New Food Forest plant list for USDA Hardiness Zones 8-10 (forest garden forum at permies)

Plants For A Future : 7000 Edible, Medicinal & Useful Plants

The Power of Community. How Cuba Survived Peak Oil – YouTube

Urban permaculture – 10 ebooks about sustainable city strategies, community and guerrilla gardening

Steps towards Sustainability

Best edibles to grow in shade in Bay Area

Planting Calendar for San Francisco – SFSeedLibrary

Waste Not! Transform your waste into soil, water, and energy. – YouTube

Edible City The Movie

101 PERMACULTURE DESIGNS, downloadable imgur album – Imgur

FREE permaculture eBooks & free environmental eBook downloads | Green Shopping

Grafting and Budding Fruit TreesPotential of Hazelnuts at

Pit Greenhouses

Food Forest Suburb


7. Small Scale Intensive Systems – an original permaculture principle | Permaculture Magazine

Self-Sufficiency-Guide to Harvesting Rainwater

Which Composting Method is Best for You? Infographic Helps You Decide : TreeHugger It highlights the impact that plastic bottles is having on our environment  which is a visualizer for the impact of transportation. is an infographic showing how much electricity different appliances use. this is an amazing data visualizer.

Composting Resources Link suggested by Katie Conner.

Ecovative Design: EcoCradle – EcoCradle™ packaging is literally grown, not manufactured. We use a growing organism to transform agricultural byproducts like cotton seed hulls and buck wheat hulls into a beautiful protective package. Our patented process is inspired by the efficiency of nature, and uses a filamentous fungi (mushroom roots) to bond this packaging into almost any shape.

Microbial Art – Welcome to Microbial Art, a collection of unique artworks created using living bacteria, fungi, and protists. We are pleased to present this site as an example of the exciting interface between art and science. We also consider this an excellent opportunity to showcase the beauty of organisms that usually go unseen and therefore are often feared (sometimes rightly so) or ignored. We invite you to browse the image galleries and to find out more about the creators of these works — both human and microbial.

Mycophilia – From the author of Mycophilia, Revelations from the Weird World of Mushrooms, is a forum for mushroom recipes and links of all sorts: to mushroom clubs, retailers, events, and mycologists’ labs.

The Fungi Forager – From our favorite East Tennessee mushroom forager! Dr. Whitey Hitchcock presents up to date postings on local findings, fantastic recipies, and a host of insightful information on our favorite forest mushrooms. Recommended regular reading!

The New American Homestead – Sustainaible, self-sufficient living in the urban environment.

The Permanent Gardener – an interesting new permaculture blog from John Tullock.

Well-Preserved – A wonderful blog filled with recipies, ideas, suggestions, and musings on preserved foods. From Mycophilia author Eugenia Bone.

Wild Mushroom Recipes – A great mushroom recipe resource website with information and links about edibility and identification of wild mushrooms.

Amadou Hats & Products

Mushroom Information Center
– Mushroom information and recipesMushroom Channel
– Mushroom recipes

Pistol River Dried Mushrooms

On the Shamanic cultic history of psychogenic fungi – a brief summary of the current state of research