We are a mycological laboratory providing education and consulting on all things fungi; operating on Jewels of the Forest Fungi Farm. Jewels of the Forest Fungi Farm is a 15-acre family owned farm located in Occidental, CA. Our aim is to further educate the community on the wonders of the Fungi Kingdom while advancing social interest in our living ecosystem. By recycling, reducing waste, and reusing materials we are leaving the world a better place. We love to teach and we love to learn. Our doors are always open so stop by the farm and take a tour. You can help save the world, one mushroom at a time!

Our mycelial network spreads wide throughout the community, recycling waste products from other industries. A majority of our spawn is made from spent beer grains from microbreweries in Sonoma County. Our substrates are produced from used coffee grounds and our wood chips from local arborist. Best of all, our mushroom kits are made from used Sonoma County wine bottles. Check them out online or in a local store near you!